Why Ninety-Nine Out Of Ten Millennials Leave The Church

As the scintillating Richard G. Howe says, “three out of two people are bad at fractions.” Fewer, I imagine, are good at statistics. Statistics are useful and powerful in telling a story but are often misleading. In fact, statistics can be used to tell any story you want depending on how the questions are asked and the findings presented. And so goes it with the mass exodus of young adults leaving the church. We want to know why. Polls then are taken, findings are presented, and the blogopshere runs wild with them. Thus we find our social media filled with articles telling us the five reasons millennials have forsaken God. And this is fine. Do not misunderstand my point here. I only want to add one thought to this discussion, and it is this. People never give you the real reason they leave church. Continue reading


The Death of Relativism

Relativism came to popularity in Western culture, where the dominant worldview was the Christian worldview. Ideas like sin and repentance were accepted and normal. Biblical precepts gave society its moral boundaries. Those who chose to live outside those boundaries needed to do one of two things: convince people that their actions were not wrong or erase the idea of wrong…


How To Leverage Moral Outrage For The Gospel

Acknowledging an individuals sense of justice can lead them to repentance. When we are angry at evil, we are acknowledging that life has purpose. We are recognizing that there is a difference between good and bad. We are affirming that bad should be punished. But what does that mean for my bad actions?


Driscoll And Acts 29: A Flashlight For Your Own Heart

Before I say more, I must say this. I have no idea what truly has happened here. I do not know the depths of sin and mistakes that took place. I am not the judge. I only know two things. The whole thing reeks, and it should cause us all to examine our own lives. The church is quick to lift…

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Deliver Us From Oprah

To all my sensible coffee junkies out there. I imagine that if you are at all like me, you are tired of wearing Oprah’s heart on your sleeve. It is evident that Starbucks’ disinterest in Christianity and the foundational precepts therein has robbed them of the ability to see what true wisdom really looks like. These little nuggets with which we are expected…


Finding Rest

How many of you feel rested right now? Or, how many of you would describe your general state of being as one who sits on pins and needles? In life and ministry in particular, I find more and more that I have a burden to go and do and never feel as though I get anything done. Rest does not…


Cultivating A Love For Knowledge In The Church

if you want to get knowledge into to your church, pour love into it first. Serve your church: stack chairs, clean restrooms, go to recitals, send thank you cards, remember birthdays, cry at funerals, and laugh.


Enough Statistics, Give Me A Solution

We get it. We know the statistics. We know the trend. We know that young adults are leaving the church in droves. We know they leave because they view the church as a cold, oppressive place without answers to life’s most pressing questions. We’ve witnessed the exodus. So what’s the solution. Sociologists, apologists, and the media have well articulated the…


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